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KitchenAid Evergreen 2021

20.9 Cu. Ft. 36" Width Built-In Stainless Bottom Mount Refrigerator with Platinum Interior Design


Key Features

Preserva® Food Care System

Platinum Interior Design

Professionally-Inspired Design

44 dBA Dishwasher with FreeFlex™ Third Rack and LED Interior Lighting


Key Features

FreeFlex™ Third Rack

Advanced Clean Water Wash System

Fan-Enabled ProDry™ System

KitchenAid FreeFlex™ Rack vs Bosch MyWay™ Rack | 3rd Rack Design

With the largest third rack* that doesn't compromise space below, the KitchenAid® FreeFlex™ Rack Dishwasher goes head-to-head and dish-to-dish against the Bosch® MyWay™ Rack Dishwasher in a third rack design challenge. View this video to see which dishwasher offers a dedicated wash system in the third rack, and which one doesn't.

How To: Use Even-Heat™ True Convection Modes | KitchenAid

KitchenAid® Commercial-Style Ranges empower your creativity with the Even-Heat™ True Convection System. It features a unique bow-tie design with heating element and fan that circulates hot air throughout the entire oven, providing consistent temperatures for crisp, flaky baked goods, juicy, well-browned roasts and flavorful, caramelized vegetables. View this video to learn how to set each convection mode on your KitchenAid® Commercial-Style Range, as well as the ideal foods to cook with each mode.